All our leather handbags are custom-made and limited-edition originals.

At the moment, you can choose from over 15 models of designer leather and fur handbags in different colours, colour combinations and skin types. We use high quality upholstery leather - smooth as well as with fur or with Tibetan sheep fur. All used leathers are very durable, but the bags are not heavy at all. In addition to the standard offer, we have more colours and furs. We can share the current offer with you upon request. You can create your own colour combinations from the current offer, but not all leathers are suitable for every type of handbag, so it is better to consult each model separately. All our handbags are without lining as the natural material is so perfect.

We recommend to clean the handbags with a skin cleaner. We do not recommend overloading and overfilling them, as this could cause expansion, scraping or destruction of the leather. Small irregularities in the structure or colour of the leather are not a defect but a characteristic feature of the natural material.

Handbags are custom-made, based on your order, usually within 3 weeks. We will happily answer all your questions via e-mail: info@multibags.cz 

Please include the name of the chosen handbag, colour or combination of colours and your contact information. We will inform you about the price and the delivery date.